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One Day Remodels

One Day Remodels

One Day Remodels

We had a handicap accessible shower installed. Due to circumstances needed it immediately, PIC home pros not only did an excellent job and completed in one day, they also stuck to their word and had installed as soon as possible. Management and staff excellent to work with.
sally kilduff
sally kilduff
15:18 23 Aug 21
We are so happy with our Amazing bath system! Much better product for an AMAZING price! Very professional installation and crew.
Liz Dube
Liz Dube
20:53 13 Mar 20

One Day Bath Remodeling

One Day Shower Remodeling

Homeowners considering renovations often prioritize a quality bathroom remodel that includes one day shower remodeling.

Amazing Baths™ has earned a reputation as the best one day shower remodeling company serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Our proven one day shower installation service will create the look and feel you desire and deserve for any bathroom in your home.

Unlike companies that can only cover up your existing tub or shower space, Amazing Baths™ can transform your tub and shower areas to any size and shape you desire.

For example, your bathroom update may call for conversion from a bathtub to a shower, or a large or small walk-in shower. Our experienced design team will work with you to create a room with solutions that best fit your needs.

We offer more color and design options than other bathroom remodeling services, with higher quality at a fraction of the cost, and a valuable lifetime warranty.

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$1,000 off replacement shower or bathtub for a limited time.

We have loved working with Amazing Baths. Everyone from the first contact, to the project manager, to the skilled workers, were friendly, prompt, and very responsive to all our questions and thoughts. They also arrived at their scheduled times and were focused on their job. The work itself was of excellent quality and they checked in with us as needed. I would highly recommend this company to all who are looking into remodeling your bathroom.

Paul Solat | Massachusetts

One Day Shower Remodel

One day shower remodel for Massachusetts customer

One Day Bathroom Remodeling

One day bathroom remodeling project in Manchester, New Hampshire

One Day Bath Remodeling

No other one day bath and shower remodeling company offers bathroom renovation options with the overall quality, value, and price that Amazing Baths™ provides.

Amazing Baths™ will take your bathroom remodel ideas from dreams to reality!

As critical rooms in your home, your master bathroom, guest bathroom, and other large or small bathrooms are vital to the health, safety and comfort of adults and children.

Some homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms beyond the “wet areas” of their tubs and showers. We can extend our waterproof wall system outside the wet area of any bathroom.

Additionally, when coupled with a bathroom tub or shower remodeling project, our experienced team can install customer-supplied luxury vinyl floors, vanities, sinks and toilets.

“ Amazing Baths converted our old, unsightly tub into a beautiful shower! We couldn’t be happier.”

Mary Barell | New Hampshire

One Day Tub To Shower Conversions

One day bath remodel for New Hampshire customer.

One Day Tub to Shower Conversion

Modern bathroom remodeling projects typically involve converting bathtubs into showers. This enables homeowners to gain more space and functionality that fits their family’s needs.

Amazing Baths™ one day tub to shower conversions include:

  1. Converting from a bathtub to a three-wall shower system
  2. Converting from a tub to a space-saving neo-angle two-wall corner shower system

Whether your bath renovation project involves simply converting a tub to a shower, or a full replacement of your bathtub, shower, bath walls, floors and more, Amazing Baths™ is your source for proven, affordable, comprehensive solutions.

One Day Shower Remodeling

One day shower remodel in Manchester, NH

One Day Bath Remodel

Product and Installation Quality

Amazing Baths™ Composite Designer Wall Series consists of a hygienic, non-porous compression molded solid composite material designed to provide a lifetime of carefree beauty and timeless style.

Product Quality

Our exclusive multi-layered waterproof technology is engineered to provide a durable, maintenance-free permanent solution at a fraction of the cost of routinely replacing inferior products such as acrylic, plastic or fiberglass that typical bath liner companies use.

Layers Diagram

This 6-layer waterproof technology consists of:

  1. Scratch-Resistant Hard Coat
  2. Clear Protective Poly Layer
  3. Fusion Promoters
  4. High-Resolution Images of Actual Stone
  5. High-Pressure Thermo Bond
  6. Structural Backer

The Amazing Baths™ Composite Designer Wall Series is manufactured in the United States, and Amazing Baths™ is the exclusive supplier and installer.

One Day Bathtub Remodel

One day bathtub remodel for Boston, Massachusetts customer

We are 100% satisfied with the work Amazing Baths performed on our shower remodel. From beginning to end, each member of their crew was 100% knowledgeable with their job and got the job done in one day. We felt that each person in our home was highly respectful to us and treated us like family. We will recommend this company to anyone and everyone looking to remodel a bathroom or shower.

Albert Ditman | New Hampshire

One Day Shower Remodeling

One day shower remodeling in Concord, New Hampshire

One Day Shower Remodel Massachusetts

One day shower remodel for Somerville, Massachusetts customer


Our Composite Designer Wall Series is:

  1. 20 times stronger than acrylic
  2. 5 times more scratch and scuff resistant than acrylic
  3. Engineered to safely resist stains and be maintenance free
  4. Engineered with safe antimicrobial protection technology to resist mold
  5. Designed with non-slip features for safety

It’s time to replace your outdated tile and hard-to-clean grout lines with an affordable, durable, fully-warrantied Amazing Bath System with scratch-resistant technology and antimicrobial protection.

Amazing Baths™ Walls & Accessories are Superior to Bathfitter Types of Tub & Shower Linings

Amazing Baths™ waterproof technology products are superior to bathfitter types of companies that simply install tub or shower linings made of plastic, acrylic or fiberglass. Thin flexible plastics such as acrylic and fiberglass can bend, crack, and stain. They can also expand and contract, which causes water to get behind the silicone caulking of the seams and harbor unsightly and unsanitary mold.

One Day Bath Remodel

One day bath remodel in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Installation Quality

Typical bathfitter-type bathtub and shower lining companies only cover up existing tubs and showers with acrylic, plastic or fiberglass liners and walls. Our proven Amazing Baths™ quality installation process involves removing the existing old walls and bathtub or shower down to the wall studs. This critical step identifies hidden plumbing or pipe deficiencies, and prevents mold growth and water damage. Unlike traditional renovation methods, we use custom-fit products and a quality quick-dry adhesive.

One Day Tub To Shower Conversion

Before and after tub to shower remodel in Derry, New Hampshire

One Day Remodeling Benefits

In addition to the benefits of speed and comprehensive one-stop shopping for bathroom remodeling services, homeowners gain valuable peace of mind. Our team relieves the stress associated with bathroom renovation decisions and removes the inconvenience of everything from demolition to mess cleanup.

One Day Bathtub Remodel

One day bathtub remodel in Salem, New Hampshire

1 Day Bath Remodel

One day bath remodel in Haverhill, Massachusetts

10 Key Benefits of Amazing Baths™ One Day Bath and Shower Remodeling

  1. APPEARANCE – Our Amazing Baths™ Composite Designer Wall Series is sampled from actual stone and granite slabs, to provide a flawless, high-resolution visual reproduction of beautiful natural stone.
  2. VALUE – An Amazing Bath™ System costs significantly less than natural stone materials, and often much less than other bathroom remodeling products.
  3. FAST INSTALLATION – Our Designer Wall Panels can be installed quickly by our skilled installers, enabling them to transform a bathroom in as little as one day.
  4. QUALIFIED INSTALLATION TEAM – Our team of installation experts is manufacturer-trained quarterly and certified to install Amazing Bath tub and shower systems and bath accessories. We take care of everything – from consultation to demolition, installation, cleanup, and outstanding customer service to support lifetime warrantees.
  5. EASY MAINTENANCE – With full-wall panels and no grout lines, our Amazing Baths™ system is extremely easy to clean and maintain for a lifetime of carefree beauty, function and enjoyment.
  6. HYGIENE – Unlike natural stone or grout, our bath system is non-porous and completely impervious to water, bacteria, mold, and mildew. It also does not require the use of sealants that can harbor odors and stain-causing mold and mildew.
  7. SELECTION – Our contemporary wall panel designs are available in a wide variety of stone patterns, and a large selection of colors and tones.
  8. SAFETY – Amazing Baths™ offers ease-of-use solutions for people with limited mobility. We support your safety with low- and no-barrier shower and walk-in tub options. Our experts will design a safe, comfortable bathing experience with grab bars, bench seating, and more.
  9. MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANCE – Our non-porous substrate is coated with safe, effective antimicrobial technology, for a durable surface that protects against stain and odor-causing microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew.
  10. LIFETIME WARRANTY – When installed by Amazing Baths™ professionals, our Composite Designer Wall Series products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Our One Day Shower Installation Process

We work with our customers to learn their style preferences and suggest elements that can give their bathroom space the appearance, style, and function that best fits their budget.

Our Amazing Baths™ proven bath system and installation process is far superior to any DIY shower kit. Customers value the lifetime warranty and fact that Amazing Baths™ services every product we install.

During our consultation process we work with you to choose your preferred shower design, color, style and choice of optional shower accessories. We take measurements and provide you with a picture of your design and an accurate estimate of your shower remodeling project, including all labor and materials.

We then order all materials, including Amazing Baths™ Composite Designer Wall Panels, plumbing fixtures, and shower accessories, for delivery in approximately 6 weeks.

One Day Bath Remodeling Near You

One day bath remodeling customer in Londonderry, New Hampshire

One Day Shower Remodeling Lynn, MA

One day shower remodel in Lynn, Massachusetts

Our certified installers follow this proven shower installation process:

  1. Set up appropriate drop cloths and dust containment, following current CDC guidelines
  2. Perform professional demolition of existing walls and removal of existing shower enclosure
  3. Inspect for mold (Amazing Baths™ is a Certified Mold Inspection & Removal Contractor)
  4. Remediate any mold issues and properly dispose of contaminated materials
  5. Inspect existing plumbing connections, valves and drains for code compliance
  6. Install Amazing Baths Shower System Walls, Base, Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories in 1 day
  7. Clean the work area; provide our newly-Amazed customer with lifetime warranty certificate

Colors and Patterns of One Day Bathtubs & Showers

You can choose from a color palette of 10 stone colors and patterns that complement any style of bathroom. These quality simulated natural stone wall panels provide the luxury appearance of marble and granite with the benefit of antimicrobial technology, non-slip safety, lower price, and easier maintenance.

Aspen Gray

Bianco Calcatta





Silver Falls



White Slate

Simulated Tile Wall Panel Features, Benefits & Sizes

Amazing Baths™ simulated tile wall panels combine the designer look of tile with the added benefit of easy maintenance. Avoid the inconvenience and time-consuming hassle of cleaning difficult grout lines and achieve the custom look of a luxury tiled wall surround for your shower or bathtub in one day.

Amazing Baths™ simulated tile wall surround panels are available in five colors and patterns, and two styles of simulated tile:

• 3”x 6” simulated subway tile style wall panels provide a classic appearance

• 10”x 20” simulated tile wall panels are also a popular and timeless style

Bianco Calcatta

3″ x 6″


3″ x 6″


3″ x 6″

Silver Falls

3″ x 6″


3″ x 6″

Bianco Calcatta

10″ x 20″


10″ x 20″


10″ x 20″

Silver Falls

10″ x 20″


10″ x 20″

Accessories for Bathtubs and Showers

Amazing Baths™ optional bath and shower accessories include solutions that support your mobility, health and convenience. Choices include shelving, seating, storage and waterproof trim options that fit your lifestyle.

Amazing Baths Waterproof Shelving, Seating, and Trim Options

Window Trim

15″ Corner Shelf

28″ Corner Seat

24″ Bench Seat

Amazing Baths™ Matching Shower Base

Complement the stone look of your walls with a matching shower base. Also called a shower pan, our base features durable 3-layer construction and a non-slip surface that’s easy to clean and will not crack or fade.

Designed to perfectly match the Amazing Baths™ Composite Designer Wall Series, our shower base is constructed with high-density EPS foam for leveling and support, and a durable ABS core frame with composite overlay for lifetime strength and durability.

Advantages of an Amazing Baths™ Shower Base

  1. Durable, waterproof, non-slip surface
  2. Low-profile threshold provides an easy step in height
  3. Solid surface material is resistant to mold and mildew
  4. Perfect size for tub-to-shower conversions
  5. Available in all wall panel colors

One day tub to shower remodel in Bedford, New Hampshire

Shower and Bath Door Styles

We supply and install several types and sizes of shower and bath doors, including:

  1. Shower sliding doors
  2. Shower pivot doors
  3. Neo angle corner doors
  4. Bath sliding doors

Plumbing Fixtures for Showers, Bathtubs

We replace the plumbing fixtures and drains for every new shower and bathtub we install.

Metal finish options for plumbing fixtures and shower and bath doors include:

• Chrome

• Brushed nickel

• Oil rubbed bronze

• Black matte

One Day Shower Remodeling Cost

Shower remodeling is a wise investment that supports comfort, safety, and home resale value. Depending on the cost factors outlined below, Amazing Baths™ one day shower remodeling prices can range from $7,000 to $14,000. Your consultant will accurately estimate your shower remodeling project cost based on your unique needs.

One Day Bath Remodeling Cost

Bathroom remodeling is a sensible investment that increases the comfort, safety, and resale value of any home. According to research by Homeadvisor, a homeowner will recover an average 66% of the remodel cost upon selling a home. Homes with updated bathrooms (master bathroom, kids bathroom, etc.) typically sell faster. Homeadvisor also cites that the national average cost to remodel a small bathroom can range from $6,500 to $15,000 or more.

Depending on the cost elements outlined below, the bath remodeling cost of an Amazing Baths™ System can range from $7,000 to $14,000. During your consultation, you will receive one day bath remodeling cost estimate based on your specific project requirements.

Key factors that affect one day bath or shower remodeling cost include:

  1. Bathroom size and design of the bathtub, shower, and other areas to be remodeled
  2. Colors and styles of Amazing Bath wall panels or simulated tile panels
  3. Condition of existing walls to be removed; mold remediation as needed
  4. Condition of existing plumbing (bringing older pipes, valves and drains up to code)
  5. Choice of Optional Bathtub Accessories (water jets, doors, etc.)

Financing Options

Financing your new Amazing Bathroom is affordable, easy and convenient! We offer several convenient payment plans including: No money down, no payments for a year Zero percent financing All major credit cards accepted

About Amazing Baths

Amazing Baths™ is a division of PIC Home Pros and Remodeling, a family-owned New England-based home renovation firm consistently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Our many positive customer reviews underscore our team’s reputation for providing quality products and customer service with the utmost integrity.